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The Mute Swan 


Founded as the result of a spiritual quest for hope and healing in life. We are on a mission to encourage others to "discover hope and healing through God's Beauty in the World.”


We are but a drop in the ocean, but without that drop the ocean would be less.

                                                    - Mother Teresa



Doing small acts with great love.



Discovering hope and healing through God's beauty in our world


The Mute Swan is a non-profit organization which began in 2005. It is the result of a spiritual quest for hope and healing in life. Each of us is inspired and encouraged by the blessings and graces of people along the way who reflect the beauty within their lives, the goodness of God, and the light of truth.

“I want to help people discover the sacred in ordinary events, even times of trial and loss. God is always present, consoling, healing, and encouraging us through the call of beauty.”


Our Projects


Est. 2006

Hope and Healing Project

The project began with a handful of printed prayer cards and six gift baskets delivered to oncology patients in the Cleveland Clinic Health Care System during Christmas in 2006. We deliver prayer cards to patients of all faiths. Prayer cards for Chaplain Partnership of CCF.



Est. 2008

Prison Family Outreach

We were contacted by the prison chaplains at Sing Sing in 2008 and San Quentin in 2011. Retreats are given once/per year to the men on the topic of “Forgiveness and Faith”. Mother’s Day and Christmas cards are sent to both prisons for the men to send home to their families. Personal correspondence with several prisoners in NY and OH (death row).


Est. 2011

Beautiful Baby Project

The project began in 2011 with a small number of baskets delivered to homes for unwed mothers in New Jersey and Ohio delivered during the Lenten Season; a gift of hope and a celebration of new life as spring approaches.

Baskets put together and delivered by volunteers include: baby book, prayer cards, layette, stuffed animal, rattle, layette, coffee mug, daily prayer book, chocolate and coffee for the new mothers. 


Est. 2013

Eternal Mail Outreach

Prayer cards, personal letters and hand decorated envelopes. Our ministry correspondence is, like most communication today, through social media. However, to receive a beautifully and artfully designed envelope and prayer card is like receiving a gift in the mail.


Est. 2005

Educational Outreach

through retreats, speaking events, workbooks, small groups, book clubs, along with individual consultation for individuals and couples to encourage “beauty, truth and goodness” in life.